The Montgomery building is a premier professional, first-class office building located in the heart of Spartanburg's   Downtown District.   This exceptional building has served Spartanburg businesses for years. Its competitive rent   rates and friendly management make it a prominent landmark in an ever-changing downtown market.  The bountiful list of amenities and services fosters growth and prominence for any business, making the   Montgomery Building an ideal place for your establishment to flourish. The building is located within blocks of the   city's major banks, brokerage and professional firms, government offices, and convention centers, as well as its finest   restaurants, shops, and hotels.  It is our goal to restore the Montgomery Building to its original prominence and once again allow it to be a landmark   to the historic perseverance of the people of Spartanburg. 
187 North Church Street Suite 200 Spartanburg, SC 29306 Facility Director